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Why Adelaide Delivery App?

Adelaide Delivery is a fast-growing innovative company which has experienced a tremendous increase in prestige following its successful launch of mobile applications in 2016.
It currently possesses over 10000 subscribed users and everyday receives 2000 visits from IOS app and Andriod app.
It is a peerless platform for advertisement,promotion and branding your company especially on Asian-targeted market.
We are now providing full advertising service facilitating all needs to our clients. Please contact us on [email protected] or call us on 0498 477 777, 0428 888 887.

Promo #3

AD Type 1

Splash Screen Page

This type of AD lasts three seconds. It will be exposed to 40000 online users.
AD Type 1 is ideal for large corporations and events.

Please find the sample AD-1-1
(size: 640x1136px)
Please find the sample AD-1-2
(size: 640x1032px)

AD Type 2

Homepage Headline AD

This type of AD rotates every five seconds. It will be hyperlinked to your business website.
AD Type 2 is advisable for moderate size firms , especially for long-term advertising service plan.

Please find the sample as AD-2
(size: 640x160px)

Promo #2
Promo #3

AD Type 3

Lucky Pocket AD

This type of AD disseminates through distributing lucky pockets in wechat social circle.
AD Type 3 is applicable for product promotion and sales marketing.

Please find the sample AD-3
(size: 640x400px)